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Residential interior design in Bangalore is a booming business in Bangalore. Luxe Interno is renowned for its Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore. Luxe Interno specializes in commercial, apartment and House Interior Design in Bangalore. Our interior design company in bangalore is dedicated towards converting your living space into a lush, regal, luxurious affair with a global flair while sticking to a affordable budget. Our teams of experienced interior designers have completed several projects to absolute perfection and have built up a loyal customer base.

Luxe Interno is a pioneer in residential interior design in bangalore, Our interior designers, design architects, consultants, and experts have carved a niche for themselves in the apartment and villa interior designing. Luxe Interno has its own manufacturing unit, thus our interior decorators have direct control over every step of residential interior designs. Our interior decorators in bangalore, can customize furniture, electrical connections, plumbing systems, accessories, showpieces, wall paintings, modern tile flooring, false ceiling designs, TV unit installation, contemporary modern sofa, stylish designer chairs, modern wardrobes installations, wallpapers, book shelves designs, coffee tables, side tables, modular kitchen designs, modular kitchen cabinets, modern bathroom vanity units with basins, bathroom sink cabinets etc. As the best interior design companies in Bangalore, we keep the clients updated at every step of the process so that they can make changes to the original plans.

Interior Design Services in Bangalore

Luxe Interno interior design firms in bangalore, has a very systematic approach to apartment and home interior designs in Bangalore. Our interior design team has an impeccable work ethic and a penchant for completing projects on time. Our interior designers and decorators will hold meetings with the clients and note down all the clients requirements for commercial or residential interior design in Bangalore. Then our interior decorators visit the entire home to study the space they will be working on. Our interior designers and decorators in bangalore will test out how to execute our client’s interior designing choices making sure it will be compatible with the interior space.

Our interior design company in bangalore produces design pieces for every project, our materials are all sourced at accounted for. Our interior design architect experts are working with many medium such as wood, metal, marble, stone, and glass. Our interior design firm in bangalore has a unique high tech approach along with an eclectic taste for luxurious aesthetics is bound to make every project a brilliant masterpiece. Client satisfaction is guaranteed.

Interior designing has always been an art of making an attractive, civilized, and meaningful environment. Rightly said that "home is where the heart is" thus, as interior designers, our interior designers and decorators shape your homes and want to create something you love. We understand your feeling and emotions for your home. Therefore, we design a home that will tell the story of, who you are, and be a collection of what you love.

The essence of interior designing will always be about human beings and how they live, but to define, plan and produce any product involves a systematic series of steps that will help us to be efficient, transparent, and focused on creating the best design possible. The design process includes:

Our designs are fully customer-centric, and we design your dream house only after identifying your requirements & objectives, which include lifestyle, style preferences, likes & dislikes, your needs, goals, and wishes, etc. Programming is the initial phase we call it as a design exploration and brainstorming phase, our interior designers outline what the client wants and carefully analyze every minute detail given by our clients. If required, make further inquiries about the desideratum or needs of the clients.

It is the time where our residential interior designers will analyze your site location to discover views, measure, and record existing conditions, also talk about timelines and project budget.

Concept development is an innovative process that begins when the programming is approved. It involves three stages:

  • Ideation
  • Written concept Statement
  • Preliminary Schematic Drawing or schematic design phase

During this phase, our interior designers will develop architectural layouts (space planning and furniture layout) for your asset and make an effort to add functionality to your space so that it will mingle with the overall style. To facilitate this, we design novel sketches that modify space planning. Our interior designers will create renders and 3D models to explain the volumetric aspects of the design.

After the concept development phase, one or more design concepts as proposals are proffer to the clients for their reviews, feedback, and approval. The plan comprises the following:

  • The Design Concept Statement and related conceptual drawings that include scaled floor plans manifesting furniture placement, mood boards that show color, material, and finishes.
  • The proposal may also contain additional sketches, perspective drawings, full-color renderings, 3-D models, or computer simulations, depending on the project scale.
  • At this level, the project cost can be projected that includes material cost, labor charge, and a fee for design services.
  • The proposal also includes a time-span of showing events in sequence and the expected project completion date.

During this phase, our interior designers and decorators will create construction drawings or working drawings. The design concept approved by the clients are polished and expanded into more detailed designs that include:

  • Floor-plans
  • Elevations and detailed drawing of architectural elements
  • Reflected ceiling plans
  • Selection of materials and finishes
  • Furniture Plans
  • Choosing furniture and furnishings
  • Drawing notes essential for the construction & installation of the design.

In the final design and documentation phase, certain things will become part of the designer's and client's contract. It includes drawings, specifications, schedules, and timeframe.

Execution or Implementation is the part that we love! It is the time for realizing your design concept and seeing it come to life. It is the phase to be on the lookout for the Contractor's bid, and where our interior decorators start preparing a detailed work scheduled, conspire construction, installations, and finishing in their proper sequence, in the form of a Gantt chart, so that it will be easy to visualize your projects.

At this stage, our interior decorators will order all materials, furnishings, and accessories required for your design. We scrutinize the delivered items, and in case of damage, items are repaired, returned or re-ordered, and marked as per the project and placement.

Our designers visit job sites periodically to ensure that the progress was smooth and uninterrupted. Our interior decorators will also review the art quality and settle if any on-site issues exist. Once the construction and installation process gets over, our designers prepare a snag list of faults and ensure that all of the items in the snag list accurately dealt with before the installation of movable furnishings, materials, and accessories.

Once the project gets completed, our designer takes follow-ups to ensure and to measure the success of the project. As our services are customer-centric, thus during the evaluation phase, we answer any questions related to design or drawings and review everything along with clients. The designer may make adjustments and revisions if required to improve the result.

Our projects are the mirror of our hard work. Thus we always ensure that we learn from experience so that our interior designers and interior decorators can replicate the successful parts of the design in the upcoming projects and avoid or solve the design fragment that didn't go well in future projects.

Our Process

Interior design companies meeting process


Conversation: Interior designing is all about getting on with the ideas of the client. A home is not just a place of dwelling, rather an investment of dreams that they make. From furniture and lighting to colours and space, every single detail is dwelt on to understand you as a person or a family looking for an outstanding home. With a detailed conversation, we create a picture in all our minds and move on to the next step.

Home interior designers in bangalore


Our interior designing team visits the place we would be working on, and we try to feel the place. Each corner to each room provides the possibilities of creativity and engagement. The casual conversations now take a structural form with everything slowly falling into place

Interior design firms in bangalore


We have our own factory hence the end product is quality controlled with great finesse. Thus, it makes it possible to customize the furniture and the products according to the need of our clients. All these factors make us one of the best interior designing companies in Bangalore.

Interior Design and Decoration Project Execution

Project Execution

The plans to take forms and places are filled with furniture, artefacts, and accessories. Colours, tones, and textures make way on the walls and fill up the spaces. The bathrooms to the bedroom get their ultimate makeover and the dream is transformed into a real base. Thus, getting off the best interior designer reviews, we never fall short with the expectations of our clients.

Interior Design Handover


This is the final stage of the whole process and is the happiest time for both the clients and us. Space becomes an ideal place of art, executing the best of the skills and thoughts. We do not compromise on the quality of our work and that has made us the best interior designers in Bangalore.

Why Us?

It is sometimes intimidating to hire the right home interior designers in bangalore to deck up your dream home. So to understand and replicate your ideas into reality, you need to hire an home interior design architects who has the vision to make your dream come true.

Luxe Interno is one of the best interior design companies in Bangalore India, our artistic endeavor began as an architect and transformed now to a journey creating forms, textures that enable us to communicate to the viewers through a medium of art. Our team at Luxe Interno transforms interior design ideas into tangible inspiration, thus bringing ideas and communities together. Our interior design company in koramangala bangalore, can create a riot of interior designs for our clients where each design is fabricated with the minute details as desired by our clients. We leave no stone unturned as literally, Our home interior decorators create beauties and magic with stones, woods, marbles, and various other subjects. Our interior design company have reached an advanced stage of the world of design with our touch.

Residential home interior designers in Bangalore - bedroom interior designs with pvc curtain covered with blackout curtains, Vintage creative wall arts decoration, grey themed king size cots with luxury beds and pillow, side tables with shoe pieces, tables with wine bottle and glasses

We are committed to delivering superior and classy interiors design services in bangalore by combining modernity and comfort. The idea is to design the perfect interiors that suit your taste, style, and luxe. Every project, big or small, presents challenges. Our interior designers in bangalore can helps you to solve them as and when they arise with the most practical solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of interior and exterior design and furnishing solutions to not only convert your interiors space into a permanent place of positive energy but also something you will cherish. Interior Design is not something you do often and so it’s something you want to do correctly!

Our interior decorators in bangalore believe in making our designs aesthetic and fully utilitarian and thus through years of our expertise. We have embarked as a well known famous interior designers in Bangalore. With an in-house production unit, automated and innovative technological advancements and a customer focussed outlook. Our interior design companies in bangalore, have a fully equipped team to help your expectations turn into reality and make your living space an out of the world experience.

As consultants, designers, planners, and interior design architects in bangalore, we partner with our clients on luxury interior design projects of any scale. Our interior architects team here combines localized expertise with a broader global perspective. We are the top interior designers in bangalore with a reputation for creating innovations and efficient members to look upon the creation of the masterpieces.

Interior Companies in Bangalore - modern dining table crockery units which contains wooden ceiling, white synthetic flooring, white wooden fabric chairs, wooden tables with show pieces, wall mounted wooden cabinets with lockers, modern vanity unit with wooden cabinet and suspending decor lights


Our interior designing company helps you to transform your property into a beautiful space- From luxurious, classy to cozy. We work on projects of any size from individual rooms to lavish apartments. Our interior design teams guide you throughout the whole project in a step by step manner through a systematic interaction and implementation.

Best interior designers in bangalore - living room interior designs which include marble flooring, wooden false ceiling with wall mounted lights, mosaic wall paintings, L shaped 5 seater leather or fabric sofas with small table or ottoman.

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Interior Design Companies in Bangalore - living room interior design with L shaped velvet sofas, small tables with show pieces and books, smoky wall arts, side table with man head show piece
Best Residential Interior Design Company in Bangalore - forest theme based vanity unit installation with stones
Home Interiors Bangalore - apartment bedroom interior designs with grey textured wall decoration, grey colored wooden wall ceilings, fabric bed with mattress and side table lights with show pieces placement
Home interior decorators bangalore - modern home interior designs which contain mosaic themed wooden flooring, white theme wooden false ceiling, wall mounted lights, blue leather sofas, wall mounted wooden cabinets, modern show pieces
Best interior design company in bangalore - modern home interiors with pink leather sofa, floral wall arts, grey colour painted wooden doors with modern locks, side table with artificial plants, striped bamboo themed wooden floors
Interior Designers Bangalore - Bedroom interior designs with luxury glass sliding wooden wardrobes, sliding windows, forest themed marbonite flooring, straignt sofas with books, synthetic wall flooring, side table, bed lamps and floral show pieces
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1. What is Interior Design Company in Bangalore?

Interior Design is an amalgamation of art and science which together create the aesthetically pleasing environment within the concrete walls of our home. Interior designing involves designing which elevates a space within the existing four walls.

2. Why interior design is important?

Interior designing is important as it helps to make your interior space beautiful giving it proper credibility with colors, dimensions, and decorative items. It helps to keep your interior space cozy and functional at the same time.

3. What is the difference between interior designers & decorators?

Interior designers have studied the designing as an art and science perse, so they work closely with the interior architects to get the space ready as per your requirements and demand in 3D and 2D floor plans. They give the whole layout and 3d designs to the interior decorators. Interior decorators do not tend to design, they generally furnish the interior space with decorative items and accessories, thus making the interior space aesthetically sound.

4. How people have to choose interior designers and decorators in Bangalore?

Bangalore stands to be the Silicon Valley of India, being a metropolitan the city encompasses a large population of the country. The majority being South Indians but needless to say that this city has an overwhelming number of other states’ people being settled here for jobs and many other reasons. Therefore, one should choose the most suitable designer going by their market best interior designers in bangalore reviews and interior designing ideas. Needless to say, their experience in the interior designing field is also important to consider. One can also visit the interior designers websites of their shortlisted designers and make an appointment with them because communication is another important tool in the designing field.

5. Can I see your interior design portfolio?

All the images you see on this website are part of our portfolio.

6. Why should I hire an interior designer or decorator in Bangalore?

Home interior designers will design your home in the most beautiful way, keeping in mind your essential needs and views and the best interior decorators in bangalore will make your work easier, they will understand you, understand your choices and thus make your interior space breath with vibrancy. To hire an interior designers in bangalore, is to invest in your dreams and also Bangalore gives you ample choices to make and create your status symbol.

7. What is your interior design process?

At Luxe Interno, our interior design company in Bangalore will transform ideas into tangible inspiration, thus bringing ideas and communities together. Our interior design firms in bangalore can help to elevate the interior space within the concrete wall of your home. We create 2D/3D graphic design layout as per the choices of our clients. First, we try to get the idea of the home space that our clients would like to stay in, after that our home interior designers in bangalore incorporate our ideas and expertise and create structured designs for their better understanding. Again, after this, our villa interior designers in bangalore can present the final layout and thereafter take up the project for its execution.

8. What are all the areas that you will cover in the residential interior design and decoration process?

We at Luxe Interno provide interior design consultation services in bangalore India. Our residential interior designers provide unique and customized structured designs for your home interiors. Our interior decorators source decor elements such as architectural fixtures, lightings, furnitures, and others. Our home interior designers also provide fabrication and design aspects of window treatments. Throughout the process, our team of interior design experts manages and supervises the whole process. We are also involved in civil work such as electrical work, wiring, plumbing, painting, flooring, and others. Our users also have the flexibility to choose either an interior design consultant or a turnkey designers in bangalore.

9. Can you do interior design and decorations within a budget?

We transform your property into a beautiful space - from luxurious, classy to cozy. Our budget interior designers in bangalore works on projects of any size from individual rooms to lavish apartments. We guide you throughout the whole project in a step by step manner through systematic interaction and implementation. Designing is an art where the talent is nurtured with practice. We are the best luxury interior designers in bangalore.

10. What is the cost of interior design in Bangalore?

Cost depends on multiple aspects like design, materials & finesse. Please contact us for a proper quotation as per your needs. Contact Us -

11. Can you deliver the project on time?

We have pioneered in our business and our timely delivery to our clients has made them the happiest of the lot. We try to deliver in the shortest time period, keeping in mind the quality that we have to cater to. However, we cannot and do not compromise on quality so sometimes to get the best result we had to move out of the given time frame. Work and design satisfaction is the key to success.